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I offer services in three categories: Accounting, so you know where you are, Tax Planning, so you know where you're going, and Tax Compliance, so you stay on top of your tax obligations.


A good system of reporting is essential for any business and is the foundation for success in managing your enterprise. Up to date knowledge of your sales and expenses is also needed for success in planning and managing your taxes. My accounting services are:

  • Evaluation and improvement of your accounting systems and procedures.
  • Making sure you get the most out of your business accounting software, especially QuickBooks.
  • Training you or your bookkeeper in the best accounting practices for your company
  • Preparing financial statements.

Tax Planning

Tax planning is simply estimating your tax bill in advance, and taking steps to keep your taxes as low as possible. I provide two kinds of tax planning:

  • Annual Tax Projections. During the tax year, I review your income and expenses and then do an estimate of what your total taxes will be at the end of the year. I call this "doing this year's taxes this year." It allows you to take whatever steps are needed to lower your tax expense while you still can.
  • Major Decisions - These are what I refer to as "forks in the road" where you want to know the tax impact of a decision both this year and into the future. I have the tools and the expertise to provide you with reports and advice to help you choose wisely. I also do sophisticated tax research to support my findings.

Tax Compliance

You can put all of your tax preparation into my hands. Your returns will be done to the highest professional standards. I will keep track of when they are due and get them to you in plenty of time for you to review, understand and file them. The major areas of return preparation are:

  • Individual- I prepare Federal 1040 returns and all states, including e-filing. When I prepare returns for businesses, I also do the personal returns for the owners, since their business and personal taxes are almost always interrelated.
  • Corporate- For both C corporations and S corporations I prepare both the Federal and all state returns. I have a good deal of experience in multi-state tax allocations, which are increasingly common in small businesses.
  • LLC - the LLC has become the most popular business entity, and rightly so. The LLC provides both legal protection and flexibility. Often it's a Single Member LLC (SMLLC) that is reported as part of the owner's form 1040. Where there are two or more members, I prepare partnership returns for these, both Federal and state.
  • Fiduciary- Many individuals set up trusts for various reasons and I handle to Federal 1041 and state tax returns. I also prepare income tax returns for estates.
  • Payroll Taxes- Many businesses use a payroll service bureau, which is usually a good idea. However there are some clients that would rather have me handle payroll taxes, and I'm fully equipped to do so.
  • Sales Taxes- While many sales tax returns can be filed online, I often prepare the monthly or quarterly returns. Sales taxes are often quite tricky, especially where a business operates in several states where the rules differ. Much of the tax research I do involves sales and use taxes.

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